Rabu, 25 Maret 2009

Luna Maya..enjoy!

Luna Maya starts her career as model star catwalk, then develops herself in role art, either film and also sinetron . His uppermost achievement as model be chosen Luna as Bintang Lux 2006. Her film debut tantalum, 30 HARI MENCARI CINTA (2004), where in the film, Luna stands antagonist as Barbara, an beautiful idol girl and section.
Even stands is small in the film, Luna is assumed be success. One year then Luna returns to involving in film BROWNIES ( 2005). As in film before all, in film guide on this Hanung Bramantyo stage manager, Luna still getting small role. Luna has just got main role, when staring film BANGSAL 13 ( 2005) by playing the part of character Mina.Name Of Luna increasingly bounces up in entertainment amusement world, when the role of film CINTA SILVER with Rima Melati and Catherine Wilson. At the same of that moment, be heating its(the relationship with Ariel, vokalis band group Peterpan, even then berakhr with parting. Besides above films, former this Fachry Albar girlfriend, also have ever stared film RUANG, JAKARTA UNDERCOVER and PESAN DARI SURGA. Even at 2006, through film RUANG successfully sends her in nomination of category Indonesia Film Festival Pemeran Wanita Terbaik.While some sinetron which been stared it between it, DAN, KAU DAN AKU, ADA CINTA, RAHASIAKU .
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