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Jensen Ackles Pictures

Jensen Ross Ackles was born on March 1st, 1978 in Dallas, Texas, United States.
Jensen played Priestly in the movie Ten Inch Hero and he will also be cast along side Lou Diamond Phillips in the production of 'A Few Good Men' from June 5th to the 10th 2007 at Casa Manana Theatre

Jensen's Filmography
1996 'Mr. Rhodes' playing Malcolm1997-2000 'Day of our Lives' playing Eric Brady2001 'Blonde' miniseries playing Eddie G2001-2002 'Dark Angel' playing Alec (Season 2)2002-2003 'Dawson's Creek' playing C. J. (Season 6)2004-2005 'Smallville' playing Jason Teague (Season 4)2005 'Devour' horror movie playing Jake Gray2005- 'Supernatural' playing Dean Winchester
Jensen also made an unaired pilot for a show called 'Still Life.'
To Contact Jensen Ackles.
Supernatural The CW Television Network 4000 Warner Boulevard, Building 168 Burbank.
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