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Tricks to Increase Your Alexa Rank

This post is for those whose Alexa’s traffic rankings affect their bottom-line to a certain extend. Here are ten tricks to increase your Alexa ranking.
  1. Install Alexa Toolbar

    There’s no need to install Alexa toolbar on several different computers if they all share the same IP address. Unless of course, each computer access your site alternately on different days.

    Once you set your site or blog as your homepage, you’ll start seeing some increase to you ranking albeit a very small one. This tips works if you have a brand new site. Download Alexa Toolbar here.

  2. Recommend Alexa Toolbar to Your Users

    Write a review about Alexa, similar to what I am doing now and tell your users why Alexa can be important to them. Invite your friends to use Alexa toolbar and explain why it’s beneficial to do so. Make sure they are aware of the privacy issue associate with using Alexa toolbar.

    Again if you have a new blog or site, you’ll notice an increase in your ranking soon.

  3. Create Contents that Appeal to Webmasters

    Since we know Alexa stats is skewed towards webmaster traffic, put this to your advantage by creating contents that attract webmasters and tech savvy readers.

  4. Take Advantage of the Social Bookmarking Sites

    Submit your blog posts to the social bookmark sites like digg, and Stumble Upon or reddit.com. Even if you don’t get to the front page, some visitors will still end up on your site. Since this traffic is targeted to your content, someone might find them useful enough to link to your posts from their blogs.

    Obviously your ultimate aim should be to get into the front page and bring the traffic surge that could significantly impact your Alexa’s traffic ranking.

  5. Create Sub Domains or Run Multiple Blogs Under One Domain

    Alexa merges together sites which they think have the some content. The merged sites would have their traffic combined to form one ranking and listed under the main domain.

    To take advantage of this, you could create another site and run it under a sub domain of your main site. You could offer webmaster tools section to attract webmaster traffic.

    If you have extra bandwidth and web space to spare, offer free blog hosting to your users and host them under sub domains.

    Your will enjoy a greater Alexa ranking as it’s a combination of all the blogs rankings under that domain.

  6. Get Involved In Chinese Sites

    That is, if you know Chinese. There are many Chinese websites ranked highly in the Global Alexa Top 500. To some extent, this reflects the high adoption of Alexa toolbar among Chinese Internet users.

    If you could create a sub domain and run a Chinese blog that attracts Chinese users from China, you could potentially enjoy a greater Alexa ranking.

  7. Remove Unnecessary Secure Pages On Your Site

    Since Alexa toolbar turns itself of on secure pages (https:), sites with secure page views will be under-counted in the Alexa traffic data. So if you have many secure pages, consider disabling them if that doesn’t compromise on your users’ security.

  8. Create Great Content

    Great content attracts readership which translates into more traffic. On the Internet, content is king and some say traffic is the queen. Like everything else, focus on your effort in creating valuable and useful content. Give what your readers want.

    When you got traffic, your Alexa’s rank increase will follow.

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work at home mengatakan...

For monetizing your blog alexa ranking is very important. Alexa rank a website according to the number of visitors visit that site with alexa toolbar installed. If you want to increase earning from your blog then you have to increase alexa ranking. Advertising network like Text link ads, pay per post, sponsored review etc judge blog quality according to the alexa rank. There are some techniques by using which you can increase alexa rank. Download and installing alexa toolbar is basic for increasing alexa ranking.

spirit mengatakan...

Good Job bro...!!! I'm just install alexa on my web, please invite me ...

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