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Tequila made Heidi and Spence say ‘I do’

LOS ANGELES - Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt apparently had some liquid motivation for their "elopement." The Monday episode of MTV's "The Hills" chronicling the reality TV couple's supposedly surprise wedding ceremony depicted Pratt, 25, and Montag, 22, agreeing to exchange vows after downing several shots of tequila while vacationing near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

"You don't have to tell anyone," Pratt told an intoxicated Montag. "It's our secret marriage."

But it was never much of a secret. The pair appeared on the Nov. 26 cover of Us Weekly with the headline "Heidi & Spencer Elope!" The accompanying story featured an interview with the pair and photos of the so-called impromptu ceremony, which the couple later acknowledged was symbolic, and not legally binding. The story didn't note that they had never obtained a marriage license.

The ceremony itself wasn't featured on Monday's episode. Instead, the pair ogled themselves and their rings on a handheld video camera while lounging in a hotel bed the morning after the ceremony. Pratt told Montag he thought the tequila persuaded her to spontaneously get hitched. A preview for next week's season finale features Montag, Pratt and Pratt's sister walking into a courtroom.

"I can't let you go and make this wedding legal," Montag's distraught mother tells Pratt in the teaser.

"Well, Heidi's my wife," Pratt responds. "So we'll go to the courthouse, and make it legal, so you'll be my mom."

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