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Jessica Simpson wants to study theology

You may remember that we recently reported that US singer and actress Jessica Simpson had a superb blonde moment when she dreamed her way into Niketown. Well, it looks like it was merely a random lapse of her superb and superior intellect, because Jessica now has plans to attend college in order to gain a qualification in theology.

Now theology is a fearsome subject, full of world history and various philosophies from around the world, both of which need to be studied in order to even scrape the surface of the subject. It throws up questions such as 'Why are we here?', 'Is there a God?' and apparently 'Has Dan Brown written the most important book since the Bible?'.

Jessica told Marie Claire magazine about the Road to Damascus experience that awoke her interest in this complex subject.

"I've been contemplating taking a college course in religion. I love religion. I remember whenever the book 'The Da Vinci Code' came out, the Discovery Channel did this three-night piece on it that I TiVoed and then watched eight times."

Note that she never actually mentions getting round to reading the book herself. It's actually a surprise she can work a TiVo (whatever they are). Maybe theology is a step too far. She could start with something simpler at college such as studying Veterinarian Science. If she sits down and concentrates for several months, surely even she can work her way through 'Mary had a little lamb'?

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