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Chelsea Olivia Wijaya "The Shining Celebrity"

Chelsea Olivia Wijaya was born in Jakarta, July 29 1992. Chelsea start the public since the star sinetron "Cincin" success with his role as Sasta. RCTI sinetron that appear her with Ririn Dwi Arianty, Baim Wong, and Dude Herlino. Chelsea is the youngest child of three brothers.
First model of the world and had to make an album for children. Once incorporated into Indika Intertainment get her roles in Sinetron "Matahariku". After that bid, and ad sinetron play came to her. Her name is spoken after the star of controversy Sinetron "Buku Harian Nayla".

In addition to playing sinetron, Chelsea who are Protestant are busy singing with the BBB (Bukan Bintang Biasa) of the young celebrity like: Laudya Chintya Bella, Raffi Ahmad, Dimas Beck and Ayushita under the guidance of the creator of the song and singer Jimmy Bondoc. BBB group also planned to fill akan Soundtrack wide screen film titled No Ordinary Stars are.
The sinetron "Buku Harian Nayla" met her with Glenn Alinskie which is also new artists that has become her boyfriend. Glenn and Chelsea is confirmed by official court one day before the Chelsea's 15 year birthday on July 28 2007, after a relationship with Ricky Harun. In 2009 she is playing in sinetron "Melati Untuk Marvel" with Rezky Aditya.
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