Kamis, 18 Desember 2008

Paris Hilton and Benji Party Together at D&G

Could a reunion be in the works for Paris Hilton and Benji Madden?

It certainly looked that way tonight. The two arrived mere minutes apart for the grand opening of the D&G boutique on Robertson Boulevard hosted by Rachel Bilson.

Paris was doing interviews on the carpet as Nicole Richie andJoel Madden arrived together at the event, which benefitted Art of Elysium. After Nic and Joel took photos, they brushed right past Paris without even saying hello and headed inside the soiree.

But when Benji arrived right behind them, it was another story...

Paris' ex-boyfriend stopped to greet her in mid-interview, and the two went inside the store together, where she quickly pulled him into a private corner so they could talk.

The usually photo-happy heiress waved off photogs as the former couple chatted cozily together. After grabbing drinks at the bar, Paris quickly approached Nicole to say hi, and then she and Benji headed out to the smoking patio for some more quiet conversation.

Both Paris and Benji looked happy and friendly as they hung together, but when asked if she and Benji were getting back together, all Paris offered was a knowing smile.

Ultimately, Benji left the bash with Joel and Nicole, leaving Paris to hang with sister Nicky and David Katzenberg. And while Nicole looked superskinny again in tights and a tutu-type skirt, she ate french fries inside the fete.

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